My writing journey

As the school year comes to an end, I want to take the time to appreciate the ups and downs that I have encountered so far. But particularly, for this blog post I am going to share my journey on writing and language. So here goes…

It has been a long tough journey. Though it is going to be even longer. I have made mistakes and I have made accomplishments. I have grown as a person and a writer through this journey. It has opened my eyes to see from different perspectives and to hear from other voices. My interest in reading literature has immensely grown and I am so glad that I have the chance to have read about such informative topics concerning our modern day culture.

Even though taking the multiple choice practices tests did not put me in the best mood, it sure did help me gain more confidence and practice to tackle critical thinking questions. Every timed write did prove to be helpful and became easier to do. I am thankful for every peer-editing or teacher-edition session, as I have grown and learned so much from each one. My classmates and teacher have helped my to continue on this long writing road.

Though I haven’t reached where I want to be, I have been influenced by all the writers in my class to persevere and practice along this journey. I still have a long way to go, but I am appreciative to what I have learnt through my AP English Language and Composition class.  Each book that we have read has been inspiring and always has a moral lesson to take away. Whether it be projects or mini lessons, I have had great fun learning the different aspects of our english language.

This class will forever be memorable and eye-opening, I am really glad that I took this class this year.

Until next time,



Mama and Papa

Through the thick and thin they have stuck with me. They are my family. My parents, the ones whose love runs unconditionally everyday. They are the ones who teach me how to get back up on my feet when life is hard.

I thank my mum for teaching me to stop at nothing to achieve my goals. She has shown me that passion is an important aspect to catch dreams and turn them into reality. I see her everyday working, but not as if it is a burden to her life. She works with a passion and enjoys it everyday. Even with the million things that she does everyday, she is passionate about her work. I aspire to me like my mum when I am older, I wish to be as passionate as she is about her work. She has taught me how to have courage and face situations to do the right thing. I thank her for always supporting me no matter what.

I thank my dad for teaching me what humbleness is about. He is constantly a role model who is so humble. I thank him for showing me that having an open mind can lead to better decisions. He has shown me to not go into any situation with expectations,as he once told me (something along these lines) “Give it your all, even if the receiving end doesn’t give as much back” and that is possibly the best advice that I have ever received. He has taught me how to appreciate what I have. His humility with others has influenced me to be the person I am today.

I can not express the amount of love I have for my parents, and these words are not enough. I thank them because I am nothing without them. Even though I don’t show it as often (and I should), I appreciate everything that they have done for me through all the good and bad.

I love you Mama and Papa.

Until next time,


Powerful Veto Powers!

The five veto powers that exist as permanent members in the United Nations are China, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France. These five permanent Security members have the power to vote for or against any resolution that is brought to them. They have the power of control what can happen to other countries in regard to their own.

This is a topic that is debated quite a bit, as it has brought up interesting questions on authority concerning world affairs. Since the veto powers can not back down, their vote will always be secured held. Crucial decisions affecting the political, economic and social stability of a country can lie in their hands.

Many on the opposing side (from other perspectives and countries) would say that the UN should not extend such powers to these five countries and should give minimal authority on certain decisions that need to be made. Recent cases of where veto powers were exercised, was when Russia and China decided to veto against a draft resolution that would have enabled a breakdown crackdown on anti-government protests in Syria which would the make the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, to step aside. With the defeat of such ideas and decisions, the situations in Syria has become worse. Resolutions such like this, are turned down due to the exercises use of the veto powers by the 5 permanent countries. Lives are affected, governments are affected and with the vote of one power against a resolutions, these situations can not improve.

A solution that can be proposed towards this is to allow other countries in the UN to also have veto powers. By enabling other countries in diverse regions, more issues could be solved with different perspectives. For example, if there were a major economic problem in the Middle Eastern countries, it wouldn’t make sense for China, France or any of the other veto countries to intervene in that region. They wouldn’t know the culture, and  demographics those certain areas of the Middle East. It would be faster to solve issues regarding the Middle East with the power of the Middle Eastern countries. By allowing more countries to have veto powers, more resolutions can pass and effectively carried out faster to solve the problem.

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All information used from Hashim, Asad. “Veto Power at the UN Security Council.” Israeli–Palestinian Conflict | Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, 5 Feb. 2012,


Is entertainment ruining our society?

We repeat the same routine everyday. We give our attention and focus to what is virtual and on a phone screen. You don’t see kids climbing trees outside anymore, you can’t find them playing outside in the grass because they sit in the corners of their rooms attached to an electronic device. The technology in the entertainment field is corrupting our thinking and is making us also lazy. We are becoming addicted to it, and for artificial reasons that don’t make us truly happy. Entertainment has the capacity to ‘ruin’ society as it is making us addicted to what is virtual instead of real.

A quote by Neal Gabler from his book Life the Movie: How entertainment Conquered Reality states that “…it is: fun, effortless, sensational, mindless, formulaic, predictable, and subversive. In fact, one might argue that those are the very reasons so many people love it”. Technology is the subject of this sentence, it provides artificial reasons that don’t make us happy, but somehow we are still attracted to it. His quote shows us how this is seen in everyday life, where with the help of technology through the form of entertainment, we have become lazy. Period. We expect everything to be give to us through some form of technology as it can do our work. It is “effortless” and “mindless”, but basically it is making us lazy. Entertainment nowadays is so focused on how to sell technology to the media, and how to attract it ot us. Technology through the entertainment fields is not giving us the opportunity to think for ourselves, but instead to rely on what the elections screen has to say.

Another author, Wendell Berry, stated in one of his essays that entertainment for him in his day and age was to watch what was happening outside a car window. Now since technology has taken over, children just find their entertainment on iPads or phone screens without them realizing the real beauty that is surrounded by them. Entertainment in our modern culture, has the ability to ruin our society. It has the ability to take the power of attraction towards real beauty, to fake virtual beauty through the use of technology.

Entertainments through technology are now governing our society, as they have the power to ruin them by making us not appreciate the real beauty that we have around us. We are captivated and measured by the arrival beauty that a phone gives us rather than the greenery we see outside a window. It has and is corrupting thinking by making us lazy and dependent on it. This ruins our society for the present and future generations, if we keep going at a rate like this we won’t have any real beauty to appreciate in this world.

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Logical Fallacies Everywhere

Recently I came across a rather interesting article about the use of social media and the effect it has on us. The article is called “Why We Should Escape Social Media (And why we don’t)” by Tony Reinke, and its main argument is about how we need the attention from social media in order to not feel lonely. Reinke also proposes a solution to the issue and makes it seem convincing. However, as I was reading through the article I found some logical fallacies which made the argument weaker.

The first logical fallacy that can be seen in the article is the Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. The fallacy is based on the terms that if A occurred after B, then B is the cause of A. A being our loneliness is caused by B, the use of technology and the use of social media. Initially this may seem correct, however we are not just lonely because of the use of social media. There are many other factors that could have led to that conclusion.

This is also linked to the slippery slope fallacy as in the article Reinke presents information about social media and how get crave its attention, just so that we don’t get lonely and then not become silent in our community. The A to Z effect with multiple ideas just basically states that we should turn social media off as it is the root cause of this issue. If we just turn of social media how are not meant to become silent and and not forgotten? He states that “ To escape social media is to taste the bitter sting of oblivion, a little hint of elderly loneliness or the midlife identity-crisis brought down now into every age demographic.” This quote demonstrates how social media links to loneliness and it affects everything that we do.

Lastly, another logical fallacy that can be found within this article,  is the begging claim fallacy. This fallacy is about the conclusion which needs to be proven in the claim. An example of this is seen when Reinke talks about how former FaceBook exec. Palihapitiya solution to address this topic, is to not use to social media ‘tools’: “ I don’t have a good solution. My solution is: I just don’t use these tools anymore. I haven’t for years.” This is not a valid conclusion to support Reinke’s argument as leaving the ‘tools’ behind  as it isn’t possible as we all find ways to get back to our social media habits.

After reading this article, I have seen the importance of how a thorough, and clear argument needs to be supported with real facts and events that can’t twist or manipulate the opposing side’s argument.

Until next time,


All quotes used from “Why We Should Escape Social Media (And Why We Don’t).” Desiring God,


Lost passion to learn

What is the purpose of education? Is to compare and set apart certain student or enable a passion of learning in everyone?

I believe that the motive of students to pursue  education and aspiring goals has shaped and changed over the years. Education now focuses on whether a student can maintain the perfect grades to get into the perfect college and become successful in life. But that’s not what education is about, rather it is about the passion of learning and using the skills in the real world to the best of our abilities.

It evident that in today’s day and age, education has changed to the extent to making students studying and cram information. This has lead to a loss of the passion to learn, and has corrupted the idea of success.

I personally have experienced this, throughout my High School years. I am more concerned about my report card than my mental health. I am more concerned about how what the class rank is, rather than how I am individually succeeding. I feel that education is now like a burden. It’s like a load of stress that has been piled on into my life. I can’t remember the last time a thoroughly enjoyed learning without being concerned about the grade that I will receive from that class.

This is what education is doing to us. It has corrupted the mind of young students to compete with one another even if that means it mentally hurts them. Don’t get me wrong competition is good and pushes students to work to their best abilities, but competition in everyday live and in classes is negatively impacting every student and how they achieve their goals.

Education is meant to evoke a passion for learning. It is supposed to encourage students to want to know more about our incredible world. Instead, it is making us focused on the grades and passing to get to college.

In the words of Charles Dickens, “For the sole true end of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves; and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain.” Education needs to provide a new purpose for students to learn with a passion.

Until next time,

All quotes used from “The Lost Tools of Learning.” Schaeffer on Education,

Being Vegetarian

Did you know that about 70% of all diseases are related to diet, and surprisingly a third of those are related to cancer. We need to be more concerned about our health, instead of being concerned with what is on the menu.

It has been studied that a vegetarian diet is more prone to reduce diseases. It decreases the risks of getting high blood pressure, cold stone, diabete and many more other diseases. I personally am an advocate for the vegetarian diet, and here’s a few reasons why I think that being a vegetarian is pivotal to survival.

Besides the fact that being a vegetarian reduces the risk of health problems, the vegetarian diet also revolves around the idea of animal conversation. According to the A Well-Fed World organization, about 3.9 million cattle are slaughtered every year to produce meat, dairy and eggs. This is shocking, as countless lives of innocent beings are slaughtered just for our own nutrition. Shifting to a vegetarian diet gives us a chance to save these animals. A vegetarian diet not only affect the animals that we eat, but the ecosystem. 18% of livestock farming adds to the human produced greenhouse gases, and year after year, the number is increasing. By being more concerned about the choices of our diet, we are indefinitely affecting the lives of animals, our ecosystem and ourselves.

By eating meat and killing innocent animals, we are encouraging animal abuse. The way the cattle and livestock are treated is inhumane. The are ruthlessly slaughtered without a second of thought. These animals are dying because we feel the need to prioritize our own diet before looking out for the conversation and importance of other beings on this planet. This is why I am a vegetarian. I am against the actions of animal cruelty. We need to rethink and realist our diets to fit a practical reasoning of survival. We are not the only ones who live on this planet, the animals deserve a chance too.

Until next time,



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Into The Wild 


Into The Wild


A young free spirit,

leaving all possessions and

finding a new world.


Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer is a novel based on the life of Chris McCandless. In this book Krakauer illustrates the split personality of McCandless through a spontaneous adventure. Krakauer introduces Mccandless as first being an intelligent,  responsible young man who has a good education and is from a well associated family. McCandless, as Chris, then takes another route towards life and decides to live in the wilderness.

During this period of McCandless’s life, he renames himself to be Alex, and lives with a different personality. The new him has drifted away from all the wealth and materialistic aspects of life. He is thought to do this because of the pressures of life and from his family.

A the story continues so does Alex’s journey. He meets new people who influence him and shape the actions that he makes on his spontaneous adventure. Without spilling the beans, Alex doesn’t return home and doesn’t keep in touch with his parents. This is because of the pressure that he felt in order to present himself in a materialistic society.

“My point is that you do not need me or anyone else around to bring this new kind of light in your life. It is simply waiting out there for you to grasp it, and all you have to do is reach for it. The only person you are fighting is yourself and your stubbornness to engage in new circumstances” (Krakauer 41). With this quote, Alex explains in a letter that he wrote, how his journey has helped him grasp the light in his light.

Krakauer’s main objective of doing this to alert his readers on the danger of life and how we all get carried away and consumed by the wealth and materials around us, that we actually forget the real values of life. The character of Alex shows Krakauer’s readers that letting go and doing what you love is more important than being concerned of what of social status is a society.

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“I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I felt in myself a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quiet life” (Krakauer 13).

Introducing Natasha Trethewey

Dear readers,

In  my AP English Language and Composition class, we were all assigned to a new exciting project: the poetry project! For that I needed to engage with and research on an American Poet that I thought to be interesting.

So for this project I chose Natasha Trethewey, a poet who writes from her heart about the events that have shaped her life. In order to understand Trethewey’s poems, I needed to understand her first.

To do that all of  us in the class each made a metaphor list to represent our poets…

If Natasha Trethewey were an animal she would be a lion. She is strong and brave, and one who carries her pride with her. Due to Trethewey’s experiences in the past, she has shown her strong and bold character through her poetry and wise words.

If Natasha Trethewey were a flower, she would be a rose. Despite her rough childhood, she like is a rose who has bloomed with grace and one who adds colour to life. In her writing, she mainly highlights events that took place in American history and since history is quite dull, she adds her colourful versions of the events in her writing.

If  Natasha Trethewey were an article of clothing, she would be a sweater. Since she has gone through so much in her life already, she has turned her experiences both good and bad, into her poems. With those poems, she has won many prizes but she is still very humble. Her personality has a positive, ‘warm’ attitude- just like a sweater does on a cold rainy day.

If Natasha Trethewey were a day of the week, she would be Sunday. She is Sunday because she is calm and composed as shes makes herself ready for the next week.  Sunday is a day of rest and reflection, and since most of her poems include memories from the past, she is represented as Sunday because she reflects so much about her life.

If Natasha Trethewey were a fruit she would be a mango. She is a mango because her personality may see tough from the outside, but actually sweet from the inside. Trethewey seems to be a strong person from the outside, however because of the many rough events that have taken place in her life, she is a soft person from the inside.

If Natasha Trethewey were a colour she would be red. The colour red naturally represents passion, anger, or love. These themes are represented frequently throughout her writing. She has a passion and love for her cultural heritage and stands strong to portray them in her poems.

If Natasha Trethewey were a particular time of the day she would be 6:00 A.M. Every morning, waking up and getting ready for the new day is tough. For some it is difficult to face new challenges that the new day presents. However Trethewey has faced many challenges and has even written about them. She is strong and brave, so she is represented by this time of the day.

If Natasha Trethewey were a scent she would be the scent of honey. She is sweet in the sense that she always writes about what she cares for. She is sweet and brave for expressing her feelings with positivity.

If Natasha Trethewey were a weather she would be the sunlight. She is the sunshine in a dark cloud. She has managed to bring out the good from all of her bad experiences. Trethewey is joyful like a ray of sunshine when things in life are not going as planned. She brings out the light and positivity from her poems and writes about them through the dull historical events.

If Natasha Trethewey were an instrument she would be a flute. She is a long slender flute, all composed in one piece. Every component of a flute is essential to the sound that it makes. This is the same as every component of memory that is added in her poems is essential to revealing her identity. Every piece of her poetry is filled with recurring memories and events which have made her life. Each element adds to how she is all together composed in one piece.  

If Natasha Trethewey were an electronic device, she would be a computer. Computers are smart and are considered as apart of a technological advancement. Trethewey too, is smart and witty. Trethewey also is known for researching thoroughly about her writing. She includes many historical facts and then translates and brings out the truth in them. Like a computer, she is very smart.

If Natasha Trethewey were a particular season, she would be autumn. Her personality has many bold and quiet aspects. Like the colours in Autumn,Trethewey’s personality has many colours which all add to her writing. The colours from her personalities and autumn are evident in her wiring and they also add ‘colour’ to the decisions that she includes of many subjects (that she writes about).

If Natasha Trethewey were to be a natural phenomena she would be a tornado. Since she has mixed feeling about her family, and concluding from what has happened to her in the past; she is like a tornado with mixed feelings. All those mixed feelings together have had a major influence in the way she writes her poetry.

If Natasha Trethewey were fictional character she would be Cinderella. Due to the fact that she has had a very rough childhood experience she is represented as the coloured version of Cinderella in today’s day and age. Cinderella also didn’t have the best childhood growing up, and she had issues with her family.Similarly this is the same for Natasha Trethewey.  Though at the end of both stories, both Cinderella and Trethewey have shining endings.

Lastly, if Natasha Trethewey were an accessory, she would be a ring. She is a ring, the one that wraps tightly around the finger. She represents a ring as, rings are tight and they cover around the finger. In Trethewey’s writing, she makes sure that she includes every detail and wraps around the historical facts. Just as a ring wraps around the finger tightly and are  used as accessories, Trethewey wraps up the historical events in her writing thoroughly in detail.


Until next time,



The Golden Ticket: a resume

Probably sometime in the next ten years, most of us will be anxiously sitting in a waiting room preparing ourselves for our turn on a job interview. Tentatively smiling and looking at other candidates, we would be holding that one ‘golden ticket’ which would help us get the job. And That so-called ticket, the resume, would represent and showcase all of our achievements to fit the job description.

Now suppose I fast forward to ten years down the line, and pretend that I am anxiously waiting for that interview for a job as a High School Math teacher. My golden ticket to success or entry pass for the job would include:

  • The amount of various experience that I would  have had being a Mathematician or a math teacher (of course in the most recent order)
  • A list of my schooling  or level of education to show the degree of my understanding of mathematics and education.
  • Another list of awards or achievement in the past years related to math.
  • A short explanation for what type of job I would be looking for.
  • A brief job description for why I am qualified and what my skills in this particular area are.

Assuming that the High School math teacher job would have lots of applicants, my ‘golden ticket’ or resume would need to be short (but with brief explanations) and to the point.

The whole point of this ‘ticket’ would be to ensure your bosses that you are a well-rounded and an experienced candidate for the job. It would need to be golden (figuratively), as it would need  to stand out from the rest!

Until next time,